AngularJS Nested Directives with Isolate Scope

01 October 2014

I’ve been playing around a bit with AngularJS lately, of which the learning curve has been accurately described as an emotional roller coaster. I came across an issue with nested directives that others have faced as well.

PowerShell Tricks - Starting Without a Console Window

04 December 2013

Running an unattended PowerShell script or command on a recurring schedule is a technique that can be quite useful. The task might involve capturing some performance data, sending an alert, or cleaning up some leftover files.

Powershell Profile Snippets

30 November 2013

I have an admission to make - I’ve been a command line junkie for a long time now.

Date Handling In SQL Server

20 March 2013

My daily tasks often involve designing reports and providing business users with requested report data via ad-hoc queries. This means getting well acquainted with date handling in Microsoft SQL Server.

HTML 5 Is Cool

11 March 2013

Last year I took part in an interesting project called ‘50 Apps in 50 Weeks’ to both sharpen the saw and become exposed to different platforms and languages.

Searching For Aha Moments

10 March 2013

Some minor prodding recently from former colleague and all round awesome software developer Mehdi Khalili on twitter inspired me to start blogging. I’ve read much enlightening tech writing over the years so this one will allow me to share some stories as well.